About Us

With more than 20 years of experience in wet and dry mix product manufacturing, SCIN CHEM PRODUCTS SDN BHD has successfully carved a name in the industry as a reputable leader in the construction and renovation market. Our headquarter is situated in Port Klang, Selangor, Malaysia.
Founded in 2002, SCIN CHEM PRODUCTS SDN BHD has been certified ISO 9001:2008 compliant since 2011. This is reflected in our unique products manufactured through modern and stringent processes. Specially designed and formulated with in-depth knowledge and a decade of expertise in the chemical mix, you are assured of reliable, innovative, and high-quality products from us.
All our products are manufactured locally in our factory using high-quality ingredients and materials, ensuring the highest level of satisfaction for our customers. Our product ange includes waterproofing, building chemicals, surface treatment, cleaners, fillers, skim coating, tile adhesive, paint, floor hardener, colour cement products, and many others.
Having an extensive range of user-friendly products, it is important for us to be a one-stop solution to our customers. This is because we believe in providing solutions to our customers with better quality, time-saving, and cost-efficient products that will benefit customers in the long run. As a local market leader, SCIN CHEM PRODUCTS SDN BHD has also gained a strong foothold in the Australasia region - exporting products to Australia, Taiwan, Singapore, and Brunei, just to name a few.
实坚产品有限公司在制造水质和干质混合产品中拥有超过20年的经验, 在行内占有一席,成为建筑及装修领域的佼佼者。
实坚产品有限公司成立于2002年,并在2011年通过 ISO 9001:2008 国际标准的认证。这也反映了我们独特的产品是通过先进和严格的 制造方式。凭着我们的专业知识和超过十年的制造经验,特别精心设计 和特制的化学配方,将确保您享有创新,高品质以及值得信赖的建筑 产品之一。
所有的产品都是在我们本地的工厂制造,同时采用了高品质的原料和 材料。我们的产品系列包括防水剂,建筑化学品,表面处理剂,清洁剂, 填补剂,表面涂层剂,砖块胶黏剂,漆料,地面硬化剂,彩色水泥等等。
拥有一系列及简单又容易使用的产品,使我们有足够的能力为我们的 客户提供一站式的服务。这是因为我们相信我们可以为客户提供更 优质,省时和成本效益的产品,长远的合作,必定让我们的客户有所 获益。身为市场的领导者,实坚产品有限公司已经在澳大拉西亚地区 获得稳固的地位,我们的产品也出口至澳洲,台湾,新加坡,文莱等等。